Friday, January 8, 2016

Things I Am Loving Lately!

Happy Friday! Unfortunately today is my Monday. I will be working the next three days (or nights to be exact). Before I head out to work, I wanted to just share some of the things I am absolutely loving. It's been awhile since I've blogged about this, but it will give you a sneak peek into my personal life. Hope you have a great weekend!

OATMEAL: I go in phases with my love for oatmeal. I started to like them again this week. Next week, who knows! When we got back from out of town I had absolutely nothing to eat in the fridge. So I looked at my pantry and found my oatmeal. It was super fast and easy to make. Since then I have gone grocery shopping so now I eat it with some fruits. Delish!

GRATITUDE JOURNAL: I am still going strong on my gratitude journal! I love how it already has changed the way I see different things. I am trying to think happy in order to be happy. This year I am really hoping I stick to this.  

SAN DIEGO: I am so blessed to live here and have such amazing running views. El Nino hit us pretty big this past week, so I was couped up inside for much of the week. Today I finally got out and hit the pavement by the bay. I can't express how much I love this city and so glad I was able to move back home.

MY HOME GYM: If you read my last post, then you know I am starting my own home gym. No gym membership for me! Since it was raining pretty hard over here, I was blessed to go to the comfort of my garage and still get a good workout in. My treadmill has been great and I am loving my new weight set. However, I am starting to see how out of shape I am. I did a leg workout a few days ago and I am still hobbling around. Right now I am really regretting having a split level home. 

TEA TIME: I don't drink coffee, so tea is my go to for caffeine. Right now I am loving this specific tea. It tastes delicious and gives me a boost of energy (especially while working nights). I found this tea at Target but they also sell it at grocery stores. I haven't checked if it is on Amazon yet, but I wouldn't be surprised. Now a days you can pretty much get everything you need there.

KEVITA: I have been really trying to control some stomach issues I have been dealing with. I am trying to avoid dairy as much as possible since it causes a lot of bloating for me. I haven't stopped eating cheese but have really limited my intake. I saw this juice at the grocery store and bought it since it was on sale. I loved it! It is a probiotic drink and have read some really good reviews on it. Even Hungry Runner Girl talked about it recently. 

RED LIPS: My sister-n-law gave me some free Sephora stuff. She is like this VIP member and gets a ton of freebies. I definitely scored with this red lipstick. I didn't think I could pull it off, but I got a lot of compliments. Even the hubby loved it so it was a win/win.

ORIGINS EYE CREAM: I received a sample of this GinZing eye cream and had to purchase it after my sample was done. I have been using it for a few months now and I love it. I purchased it from Sephora but I am pretty sure you can also find it at Ulta but don't quote me on that. The bottle is tiny but you really don't use that much. Just a little dab under the eye and voila! 


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  1. I started a gratitude journal last year and try to list 3 items every day. It's helpful!

  2. I started a gratitude journal last year and try to list 3 items every day. It's helpful!

  3. I saw that eye cream at Sephora. I currently use philosphy help me but can't tell if it works hahaha

  4. 1. You look AMAZING in red lipstick!
    2. How do you eat your oatmeal? I struggle with the texture and am trying to find a new way to make it a little easier to eat.

    Happy Monday (Friday), my friend! :)

  5. That red lipstick looks great on you!!

    And I love oatmeal too. I add in PB and it tastes so yummy!

  6. I wish I could pull off red lipstick like you do! I can distinctly remember one time wearing it in college and my roommate asked if I had cut my that was the end of that.

  7. You are rocking that red lip girl! I go through phases with oatmeal too, but it's cold here so it's become my go to.

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