Monday, March 21, 2016

Half Marathon Training: Week 3

The crazy thing with training is that it never truly goes according to plan...well at least for me. Since my schedule is pretty hectic with work, I knew following a strict training plan was not going to be possible. I barely just completed the third week of my training and already hit a setback. Last week during my night shift, I noticed my knee was starting to ache. It felt tight and a bit swollen. I had plans on taking a rest day the next day so I thought that would do the trick. I elevated it, iced it, and thought I'd be fine to go run again the next day. I unfortunately woke up the second day with it being a bit more pain.

Last week was also a busy work week for me which meant I was limited on when to do my long run. I was only scheduled to run 6 miles but unfortunately with my knee pain and work schedule, I was not able to complete that. The longest run I did was 4 miles and my total miles for the week were only 16 treadmill miles. I am pretty fortunate to have a treadmill available to me 24 hours a day, but I prefer running outside by the beach or the trails. 



MONDAY: 3 treadmill miles (6.6-6.8 mph pace), Toned Abs and Arms, and Maximum Hit

TUESDAY: 2 treadmill miles (6.6-6.8 mph pace), Cardio Crush



FRIDAY: 4 treadmill miles, Cardio ExtremeTotal Body Shred

SATURDAY: 4 treadmill miles (6.6-7.0 mph pace), Lower Body Blast

SUNDAY: 3 treadmill miles (6.6-6.8 mph pace)

This coming week I am actually going to try to relax and heal my knee a bit more. I do have plans on making up for my long run but that is it! I don't go back to work until next Saturday but I'll be playing tour guide. My family is currently visiting and once they leave, my friend and her family are coming to visit. It feels like I am running a bed and breakfast but I love having company over. 

I'm truly hoping that my knee just needs a little bit more rest. I am absolutely terrified of starting to have knee pain. Fingers crossed the pain goes away! Yesterday I signed up for the Chicago Marathon lottery so this knee pain is truly a wrench in my training.

Have a great week!

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