Monday, April 11, 2016

Half Marathon Training: Week 5 + 6

I forgot to write my weekly training post last week. Honestly I was just lazy. Wish I could say that I was busy or that there was this important thing that happened in my life. But my life is boring and there was really nothing exciting to report! Hah!

I did get some runs in and most importantly I was able to get a 7 mile run. It wasn't the greatest but I got it done. I hadn't ran that distance since last year so I am not really shocked at how bad I felt. I have been pretty consistent in running 3-6 miles this year so that one extra mile kind of played with my head. Running can be really mental sometimes.

My weekly mileage is still low since dealing with my pesky knee pain. I have been averaging about 15-20 miles when I should be closer to 25-30 miles. Oh well! Speaking of  knee pain...I haven't seen a doctor about it mostly because Google is my doctor, and it's free. I mean let's be honest here...we all Google our symptoms and self-diagnose. Here is what my Doctor Google told me...I may have knee pain due to a tight IT Band. So I am trying to stretch that out like a mother and see if that works. If Dr. Google fails me then I will have to bite the bullet and pay an actual doctor to check me out. Womp, womp...

Okay and one last thing about my training...I have been doing it all wrong. This past weekend I attended the RRCA Coaching Certification course here in San Diego and boy did it open my eyes to how retarded my training plan has been. I guess I should rephrase, my LACK of a training plan is not suitable for my goals. So now I am regrouping and really buckling down on what my goal for this race is going to be. I really want to get a sub 2 so my training needs to start reflecting that. Later on I'll write about my experience with the RRCA course. Stay tuned!

Happy Running!

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