Monday, April 25, 2016

Half Marathon Training: Week 7 + 8

Well once again I hit a brick wall with my training during weeks 7 and 8. A few days after my last post I decided to take my dogs to the dog park and just do a light jog with them. Well I really should have known better since not even a quarter of a mile in, my dogs tripped me and down I went! I hit the dirt road pretty hard but I just thought it was nothing major and just some minor scrape. Well I was entirely WRONG!!

I lifted my workout pants (mind you they were one of my favorite ones), and saw my skin folded over on my knee. I was in shock. I work in the medical field but somehow seeing a thick layer of my own skin folded back took me by surprise. I knew immediately that I needed to have it looked at. I put some pressure on it to stop the bleeding and then carefully drove back home to drop off the dogs and head over to urgent care. When I was finally seen, the doctor immediately said I needed stitches. Seven stitches later and I was walking like a zombie out of there. For 10 days I was unable to do any running. Even the slightest bend in my knee and I could feel my stitches and skin stretching...VERY PAINFUL!!

I felt like I was finally dropping my time and really getting faster and then this happened to me. To say I was upset and discouraged was an understatement. But luckily my good friend Kira made me change my way of thinking. She told me that this was a great time to get some rest and come back even stronger. After 10 days I took my own stitches out and went on my first run on Saturday morning. I only ran four miles just to test out my knee but I felt amazing! Afterwards I treated myself to some flowers from one of our local farmer's market.

Yes, having stitches on my knee was another set back. Yes, I felt discouraged at the time. But now that I am back to running I feel 10x better about my training plan. Right before my accident I was revising my training based on what I had learned from the Running Coach Certification Course I attended.  I am still currently studying to take my test, but already I am starting to feel confident for what's to come on the last few weeks.

Happy Running!

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