Monday, June 13, 2016

Recovering From A Half Marathon

Last Sunday wasn't my first half marathon. To be honest, I don't even know how many half marathons I've actually ran. I kinda stopped counting after a few years.  I guess I could count my medals but then again with my many moves in the last few years, some have been lost in the shuffle. The number really doesn't count though. Each race is different. Each race you set different goals and you either achieve them or learn from mistakes you might have done in your training.

The San Diego Rock n Roll was different for me this time around. I started off with two goals: run pain free and to break 2:00. But from the beginning I followed a training plan. However, halfway through my training my goals changed. I was no longer focused on getting that PR but to figure out what my marathon pace would be for the Chicago Marathon. No I didn't get an overall PR, but I did get my best time for this specific race and I was able to run pain free. I legitimately put in the time and effort to make this race one of my best training cycles (given a few setbacks). I put in the miles, the sweat, and yes even the tears to this training plan and come race race day every thing just aligned!

In the past I kind of just "winged" it when it came to half marathon training. I felt like I really didn't need a training plan since I had ran so many of these before. Sounds cocky right? Well I didn't think of it that way until I started reflecting during this past week of recovery. In all honesty my way of thinking was downright stupid and careless. You always need a training plan to have a healthy training cycle and to prevent injury. I look back on the races where I had no plan and realize now why I was always injured. I would either run to much too fast or just didn't run enough and my recovery time was way longer than it should be. 

I took a week off from running after this race. I focused on resting and letting my body heal naturally. I stretched and did yoga almost daily and it felt wonderful. I felt revived and eager to start a new training plan. Only on one of those days did I test my legs out with a 20 minute bike ride around my hilly neighborhood. After that day I knew I was ready. Ready to take on my next challenge. Ready to start this physical and emotional rollercoaster of marathon training. The Chicago Marathon is in 16+ weeks and I truly hope that by October I will be ready. I know that I have the will to make this my best marathon!

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  1. Great job recovering smart, I think it makes so much difference going into the next training session physically and mentally knowing you are rested and prepared. Good luck with Chicago!!