Friday, July 29, 2016

Favorite Songs of the Summer!

I am currently knee deep into my training for the Chicago Marathon. It's been getting a bit tougher since the mileage keeps increasing every week. This week my long run is fourteen miles, the most I've ran in over eight years. Psychologically, I am not quite ready for it but physically I think I can totally handle it. I've been sticking with my training plan, listening to my body and have truly noticed a difference in my times.

I had all these great plans of blogging about my training. You know like recap my weekly runs? Well it was all good in thought but let's be honest...I got lazy. Training for this marathon has taken up a lot more of my free time than I thought it would. I guess I was just so used to training for half marathons that I really didn't estimate the extra mileage. Whoops! The long runs are obviously longer but having the right mind set and constant motivation has really helped pushing through.

You know what's helped the most though? MUSIC! I know that it's frowned upon to run with music in the elite world. But since I run for fun, then I can totally justify it. Here are some of the favorite songs that have really helped me get through the mental aspect of running. These songs can also be used for any workout. I also blast them in my home gym when I am cross training. Enjoy!

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