Monday, July 4, 2016

Running While Traveling: Visiting San Jose, CA

I love to travel. I love to explore new places and see new things. This year I am traveling every month from June through October. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for each and every trip I have planned. I got back from the first trip a few weeks ago but you know life gets in the way and I kind of just keep forgetting to blog about it.  My husband and I went to San Jose, CA. I know you may think well that doesn't sound very exciting but we had a blast. We went for a wedding and made a four day weekend out of it. Honestly it was just enough time to visit with friends and check out their downtown. Of course since I am in full marathon training mode, I had to get some runs in.

The main problem while running when traveling is obviously not knowing where to go. I always try to run around the area that I am or look for a nice trail. Sometimes though, finding a trail can be hard in a downtown. I had asked a friend for suggestions. I even had a rental car so I didn't mind driving to a location. Luckily I was happy to find out that the Guadalupe River Trail happened to be only one black away from my hotel.

The trails runs underneath some freeways which was an experience. Here is a question for you...if you happen to be running under bridges in a downtown setting, what do you think you will encounter? Bums... yep, right off the bat I ran into a few of them. Luckily it was just at the beginning so it just made me run a little faster. So my suggestion would be to run with a partner or to take some pepper spray for protection. Safety first! 

The trail is very pretty though. You'll find drinking fountains and signs for restrooms along the way so one less thing to worry about. Honestly once you passed running under the bridges you forget you are in downtown San Jose. There is pretty foliage around the entire trail which makes you feel like you are out on the real trials instead of where it is located. 

Overall I had a great time finding this trail. The temperature was a bit hot for me but I was still able to get in my miles for my marathon training. I ran two days on the trail: one by myself and the second with a friend. The second day my friend really pushed me and I was able to really drop my time. 

My next trip is in less than two weeks. We are heading off to Mexico to visit my husband's grandparents. This trip might be a bit more tricky to get my training done but I always love a challenge!

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