Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Vacation in Palm Desert!

Ever since I got back from vacation I have been having issues with my computer. It is super slow to load ANYTHING! It is beyond frustrating and the thought of buying a new one right now is just not in the cards. So this post was meant to be uploaded on Monday morning but of course my computer wasn't in agreement with my plan. Anyways, here it is!

Last week I was able to visit Palm Desert, CA. Have you ever been? It was my first time visiting so I was pretty excited to check out a new area from my wonderful state. Palm Desert is basically a desert with many palm trees, golf courses, resorts, time shares, and a pretty large retirement community. Oh and since it is a desert you can imagine how high the temperatures get during the summer. We were lucky and only had temps in the low 100s. I guess about a month ago they were as high as 120!

Our friend had a free, week long time share that was given to her from her parents. She invited my husband and I to join her and her hubby and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I honestly would have never thought of heading over there during the summer but I figured staying at a nice resort would have its perks. We stayed at the JW Marriott Villas. The villas we stayed at had absolutely beautiful views of the golf course from our balcony. We pretty much tried to eat outside and enjoy the views as much as possible.

I really wish I would have taken more pictures of our villa. Our villa had a full size kitchen, laundry, two bedrooms, a beautiful balcony, a dinning table, spacious living room, and two master bathrooms. One of the bedrooms even had a tiny kitchenette. We had free internet during our stay and were able to enjoy over 7 pools. Of course since it is a resort they had a calendar of activities, a club house, two gyms, two golf courses to choose from, and access to the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa (which had restaurants and the spa). Some of the activities were free while others had a very tiny free. You better believe we made it to their free wine hour!

Of course since I am in full swing with my marathon training, I made sure to find out where the gym was right away. I knew that running outside would be quite a battle for me, so I had to make sure that they had enough treadmills. The treadmills were super fancy and were touch screen. The longest run I did was 10 miles (5 outside and 5 inside). Even though I woke up early to run, in the end the heat won and I just couldn't hang. Much respect for those that have to train in this weather! I mostly worked on speed and did some cross training with their free weights.

I was the only one that was truly on vacation. The rest of the bunch were working from our villa. My week consisted of working out, laying out by the pool, playing my ukulele, drinking many cocktails, and eating. Yes, I ate a lot! We grilled every day that we were there and I can say with all honestly that all meals were delish! It was a perfect week of relaxation!

There were a few things that I guess I didn't really care for. They have a shuttle to take you to different places of the resort but the times were funky. And even when the shuttle was near us they never once offered to just give us a ride. We found that kind of annoying. Since the resort is pretty large we thought that maybe the bikes they had were free for us to use. Unfortunately they were not and the rates to use were not very reasonable. So we walked a lot...in the heat. The ladies never made it to the spa because their prices were very steep for a massage. That's really all I wanted to do when I was there but I just couldn't justify paying over $150 for a one hour massage (not including tip). So all in all those were the only things that I didn't like about the place. Other than that...I had an amazing time. My hubby also really loved it there and said he would be willing to come back again next year! I'm not even sure how much it is to own a time share with them, and frankly we didn't want to find out.

Have you ever been to Palm Desert?

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  1. We went to Palm Desert on our Honeymoon and stayed at one of the time shares that a friend owned. It was fun, but that was before I was running and active.