Monday, September 12, 2016

Just Netflix And Treadmill

I used to hate the treadmill. I mean really hate it! The thought of running more than twenty minutes was absolute torture. Naturally most of my runs were outside. Every now and then I would run three miles on the treadmill but it was because all the stars aligned somehow. When we moved down to San Diego, my brother gifted me with his old treadmill. At first I was not really sure about it and truly thought it was going to be a waste of space in my garage. To my surprise, this treadmill has been an amazing asset to my training!

So what changed? Well for one I was kind of forced to like it. Early on in my move back home to San Diego, I realized I wasn't going to join a gym. Even though I was still trying to find great running routes around my lovely city my schedule was making it hard to run as much as I wanted to. I was used to going to a gym after my 12 hour shifts and getting at least some cardio but working nights made it hard to find the right time. I love my neighborhood but I live on a hill and I dread running hills. So you can see I was having some running withdrawals until my treadmill came into my life.

I decided to finally give it a try and it was seriously the best gift my brother has ever given me! I know some people who read while they run but I would get dizzy and loose my place. I listened to music and even with a great playlist I was barely up to running my typical three miles. Then I decided how about I watch some Netflix while I run? Man did it make a huge difference! Not only do I watch great shows but I get a great workout done!

With training for my marathon, I used the treadmill for not only my speed work but my tempo runs. Having the controlled pace makes it so much easier. I have been able to dial what speed I want and just run! So my track days are in my garage while watching some good Netflix shows. Right now I am watching the second season of Narcos and getting my sweat on. I literally get lost during my tempo runs when I find a good movie or watch a great episode. Before I know it the show is over and so is my run.

I understand the treadmill isn't for everyone. I mean I was one of those people who hated it, but I gave it another shot and I am glad I did. I can honestly say that it has been a big part of my marathon training for Chicago. It's helped me get more speed work in even during my long night shift stretches. I love being able to just go to my garage for a quick run. I still love running outdoors but having this treadmill has been so convenient. I now understand how people in the east coast run and train during their crazy snowy winters.

Do you like running on the treadmill?

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  1. I really struggle with treadmill run, I can only do half an hour of either gentle pace or speedwork. But nothing longer!

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