Sunday, November 13, 2016

Training for my PR & 2 New Things You Need To Check Out!

I am two weeks into my training for my next half marathon and this time I am kind of switching it up. When I trained for the Chicago Marathon, my life revolved around my training schedule. This time around I am going week by week and having fun. In order to not get into a slump I have also changed up my cross training activities just to keep things exciting.

With Chicago it was all about the mileage. I needed to increase my mileage just to prove to myself that I would be able to do this and finish strong. I seriously cringe remembering those horrid long runs. Remember running a marathon is just as much mental as physical. This time around though, I know this race. I know the course like the back of my hand (been running it for 9 years). And the best part is that after running a full marathon, running a half marathon seems like nothing. So this time around it's all about getting a PR so that means it really is all about getting faster.

What makes a runner faster? Well many things actually but I am really focusing on speed work. This is where my treadmill has come into play. I have been able to slowly drop my pace and it feels pretty damn rewarding. I also recently started running with an old friend. She just moved back to San Diego this past summer and get this, we actually used to run together back in high school. She has always been faster than me and even though that is intimidating for me, she is going to be pivotal for my training. I am going to need her to push me when I don't want to do the work. I have only gone on one run with her and she kicked my butt! If I keep running with her I have no doubt I'll be able to reach my goal pace.

I've also started lifting more and incorporated more HIIT workouts to help me pick up my speed. It's only been two weeks into my training but I am optimistic I can get that PR. This coming week I am focusing on negative splits and will start doing hill repeats (something I truly hate). This is a busy work week for me so that's why planning my runs week by week comes in handy. On Sundays, I like to lay out my workouts for the week so today is no different. Now, here are the two things you need to check out:

If you have been following me for awhile you know I don't own a gym membership. Well this past week I tried the November Project. Have you heard of them? It's pretty freaking awesome. I'll have to do a full review on them but for now just read about them here: I left my workout so inspired and motivated by all those around me. I am definitely going to be incorporating November Project into my half marathon training.

Also have you heard of Lymber? It's a great start-up app (currently only Iphones) that is Southern California based. This app helps you enjoy the best in fitness and wellness without costly monthly membership fees and restrictions. Lymber helps you find the classes and activities that best fit your lifestyle, with results based on your location and unique preferences. So if you are like me and don't want to commit to a gym but miss taking classes then this the perfect app for you. I will also be doing a full review on the app but just wanted to give you readers a head's up. Right now there is a promo code that will grant a new user $5 OFF their first class. So if you live in Southern California you should definitely download the app and take advantage of this promo code right now. Use the code: GETLYMBER and start checking out new classes around your area.

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