Thursday, March 30, 2017

Half Way Done! 20 Weeks Prengant!

It doesn't seem that long ago since I announced that I was pregnant but I guess it has! Life has been crazy hectic with work, doctor's appointments, and house remodeling. Probably not the smartest choice to start remodeling right now but "nesting" hit big time. As soon as we found out we were expecting, my husband and I just thought of how badly we wanted to redo all our floors. So that's what we are in the middle of doing right now. Luckily in the next month everything should be done. Oh and we decided to also paint the inside of the house. Yeah...once again probably not the best idea but too late now. 

So I guess I never really let you guys know how I even found out I was pregnant. If you guys have been following me for a few years then you know that this was truly a miracle. We were told early on that my husband and I would only have a 0.1% chance of conceiving naturally. After four years of  failed hormones, procedures, IUI, and IVF, we decided to try to adopt through the foster system. Financially it was our best logical option at the time since IVF took a hit into our savings.  We were actually almost done with our adoption application when our little miracle happened.

I had just started a new medication to help me sleep better after my night shifts. One of the side effects was a missed period so I didn't think much of it when my period didn't come on it's scheduled day. I tend to be a bit irregular since coming off all the fertility medications so being late a few days was pretty normal for me. When I was a week late and my boobs were still sore I thought I should probably look into this. I literally googled, "reasons my period is late but I'm not pregnant." I was reassured once again that medication was probably the main reason I was late. I don't know why but later that evening I decided on a whim to just head on over to CVS and purchase a pregnancy test...and some twizzlers. Since it was late that night I thought about just waiting until the morning to test but then I thought might as well just get this over with. In my mind, I just kept thinking the chances are pretty slim to none that this test will come back positive. I kid you not, as soon as I peed on the stick it showed I was pregnant! I immediately yelled and cried. Of course my husband was out of town so I tried to call him right away. He didn't pick up so I called one of my good friends. She started crying. I didn't even know what to do but cry. My husband and I finally talked on the phone through FaceTime and I told him the great news. He thought I was kidding and didn't take me seriously for a split second. Honestly I would have reacted the same way he did.

Currently I am 20 weeks pregnant which means I am half way done! It has just flown by. Honestly this pregnancy has so far been going great. All my genetic testing has come back negative and I never got sick. We also just found out we are expecting a little girl! My husband and I couldn't be more in love with her already. I am just so thankful for this blessing. I can't even express into words how lucky we feel to be where we are at right now.

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