Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Product Review: GoMacro Bars

I am always looking for new foods/snacks to try. Let's be honest here I love food but finding healthy foods that actually taste good and not like cardboard can be a bit difficult. And because my life is always on the go, I am always searching for healthy bars what can fill me up while I am out and about. I had heard about GoMacro bars and had seen them at some local stores but was hesitant to try them. Even though I love trying new food, healthy food can be either a hit or miss.

When the lovely company reached out to me to try out the bars I of course jumped at the opportunity. Not only is this a family owned company but how they started was dear to my heart. You can read a bit more about their story here.  GoMacro firmly believes in five principles that are the foundation of the products they sell:
  1. Vegan
  2. A Macrobiotic diet
  3. Wholesome food
  4.  Source sustainability
  5. Give back to the community
"The pursuit of health is a path of living in balance
with ourselves and nature with products that have
positive effects on the world."

They've stayed true to their mission and have come up with bars that are nutritious and healthy. While aiming to affect the world positively, their products are USDA Organic, kosher, non-GMO, Certified Vegan and Gluten-Free.  These bars are cold-pressed, nut-butter based that are chewy and filling made from simple and clean ingredients. Their high protein, plant-based ingredients are the perfect way to keep you fueled throughout the day. What more could you ask for right?

I am always one to have a snack with me at all times. My coworkers used to always tell me that if they were ever stranded somewhere they would want to be with me since I always have some type of food. It's true though. I tend to get a bit "hangry" if I go without food for too long. Sooo...finding healthy snacks to eat on the go is a huge priority to me. One of the things I love about these bars is that (depending on the flavor you choose) they are high in protein. They are great for a quick post workout meal. So far my favorite flavors are Prolonged Power, Morning Harvest, Sunny Uplift, Protein Pleasure, and Everlasting Joy.

So where can you find these bars? You can find these bars in stores around your neighborhood or even online. I have been able to find them at Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, and Sprouts here by my house.  You can purchase their vegan protein bars online for 30% off plus free shipping for first time customers by using the code Macro30.

Okay so my final review: Would I recommend these bars? Yes! Will I continue to purchase them? Of course! Like I said at the's hard finding healthy food/snacks that actually taste good. And these bars passed the husband test too! The hubby is not one to like all my healthy food but I actually found him eating one of my bars and actually enjoying it. That sold the deal for me!

Have you ever tried these bars? 
What is your go-to-snack?

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**I was provided with a sample pack but all thoughts are my own**

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