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6 Easy Exercises To Try Out With Your Dog

I have always been a dog person. I love them. When my husband and I moved in together one of the first things I told him was that I wanted a puppy. He was willing to comprise as long as we found the perfect match for the both of us. After much research (hello Animal Planet and Dog Whisperer!) we decided on a chocolate lab. She was absolutely perfect from day one!

One of the main reasons I wanted a dog was to have a lovable running partner and boy did she deliver! I would run her in the morning, take her to a dog park for another hour and then at the end of the day my husband would take her for another run. She was spoiled to say the least. During the day she slept pretty much after all her morning activities. This was her typical schedule on my days off. During my long 12 hour work days though or when my husband traveled out of town it was difficult to keep that routine. Even with a dog walker during those days, we felt she was lonely.  So when an opportunity came to get another lab puppy, we kind of jumped at the opportunity. And then there were four of us with the addition to our black lab.

Labrador dogs are high energy dogs. I knew this and was fully prepared for it. I needed an active dog in order to continue staying active. Dogs as well as humans need exercise. It is a great way for them to prevent obesity, arthritis and anxiety. A dog that maintains a stable weight has a better chance of living a healthy long life...pretty much like humans right? So why not workout with your dog? Not only will your bond grow between you guys but everyone benefits from a little cardio. 

Not all dogs are alike. Like I said before, labs are high energy but maybe you chose to get a low-level activity dog. The trick is to choose the right workout for the both of you. This will ensure that both of you are engaged and still work up a little sweat.  Dogs make the best workout buddies. They never complain about working out or cancel on you last-minute. Best of all is that they're always excited to follow you out the door. Here are some exercises you can try with your dog:

  • Fetch: So easy and simple. My chocolate lab can do this for hours! I have to literally hide the ball because she gets super excited. While your dog retrieves the dog don't just stand there though. Incorporate squats, lunges, jumping jacks, burpees...or whatever your heart desires!
  • Doga: You can list this as one of the newest and trendiest workouts with yoga. Yes, it's out there!
  • Doggy paddle: Okay this one is mostly for water loving dogs like my labs. Go for swim with your dogs or maybe go kayaking and have your dog swim alongside. 
  • Running/Interval Running: Pretty self explanatory right? Grab the leash, go outside, breathe the fresh air and get those legs moving. You can either run continuously or maybe run in sprint intervals. Remember though, just like humans dogs also need to stay hydrated. 
  • Hiking: Hit the trails with your pup and explore the beautiful countryside. The harder the trail the more of a workout. Once again though, remember to provide water for your dog especially during the hot summers. 
  • Rollerbladding: I would probably only recommend this exercise to someone who has experience with rollerbladding. If you watch Cesar Milan: Dog Whisperer then you've seen how effective it is to burn off your dog's energy and to get a good workout. 

Don't have a dog but really considering one? Well I have a perfect website for you to check out. Have you heard of Puppy Spot? They have a No Puppy Mill Promise and a partnership with the AKC. They have so many available puppies to choose from. Here is the link for their selection of the most adorable puppies. This is their motto which they proudly stand behind:

"We are a community of dog lovers, committed to connecting the nation's top breeders to caring, responsible individuals and families in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Dallas, and across the U.S. We hold ourselves and our clients to the highest standards and aim to improve the life of each puppy, breeder and owner who joins our family."

I cannot picture my life without my dogs. They have been a part of my family from day one. Dogs show us unconditional love and I swear they are mind readers! When I have a bad day, my dogs just seem to cling to me a little more almost as if to say, "We are here for you if you need us." In the next two weeks my dog's lives (as well as mine and my husbands) will be turned upside down with the arrival of our baby girl. Luckily, I am confident my dogs will handle this new stage in our lives with grace. I can only hope my daughter will see the beauty in owning a dog as much as her momma!

Do you workout with your dog?
If you own a dog, what breed do you own?

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  1. My border collie mix loved to run and swim and hike. Fetch? Not so much, haha. He was the best! Dogs make great workout buddies.

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