Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Birth Story

It's been three weeks postpartum and it all still seems surreal. I look at my daughter daily and just gush at how absolutely perfect she is. I hold her close to me and kiss her as often as I can because this time right now with her goes by quickly from what I am told. I still cannot believe I am a mother! I am now responsible for this tiny little human being that has captivated both her mommy and daddy's hearts.

Even though my pregnancy was absolutely perfect, I wish I could say the same about my labor. My labor was absolutely painful and long! Her official due date was August 18th but on that day I still felt great.  That night though, at exactly 10:45pm I got my first contraction and they kept on coming from that point on. I was always told I would just know when my contractions would hit and boy were they right! It was like a heavy menstrual cramp that wouldn't let up. Even though I knew labor was starting, my contractions were still about 10-15 minutes apart and manageable, so I figured I should try to get some rest. Well that night I got about 3.5 hours of sleep. It wasn't the greatest sleep but it was enough. 

The next day I downloaded a contraction app on my phone and started to monitor my contractions a bit more closely. The intensity of the contractions was getting worse and the time in between them was shortening. I also started noticing that I was starting to get "back labor" as well. So not only did I feel like my uterus was contracting but my back was starting to give me a lot of problems with every contraction. By that evening my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart so I called the hospital. I was informed that unfortunately I should hold off until I am 2-3 minutes apart since it is my first pregnancy. Also, my water still hadn't broken so I was still intact. I waited a few more hours and by that night the contractions had progressed to the criteria the nurse had told me and off we went to the hospital. Oh I should also point out that apparently my hospital was at full capacity and was actually diverting pregnant women to other hospitals. I was a bit upset by this but we took our chances anyway. We were actually able to get a room in triage while they assessed me. The pain was intense and I was exhausted! All I wanted was to get this show on the road and imagine my disappointment when I was told I was only 1 cm dilated! Ugh! They told me I needed to go home and get some rest tonight. How could I get rest with labor pains every 2-3 minutes and only getting worse? They actually recommended I take some morphine and try to sleep as much as possible since they assured me that by tomorrow I should be more dilated and hopefully have my baby. 

Well at this point I am over 24 hours of labor and still no signs of my little girl. The morphine did help but it made me a bit nauseas since they gave it to me on an empty stomach. I slept another 3-4 hours that night but when I woke up I just felt miserable. I had no energy and I was in a lot of pain. My husband throughout all this was amazing. He tried to make me as comfortable as possible but at that point there really wasn't much he could do. Walking seemed to help, so I walked around my living room and even walked around my block outside. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy. The contractions started to stack up and were getting longer so I called the hospital and they advised me to go and get checked out. So off we went again. I was certain that this was going to be it. The pain was too much for me to handle anymore and I was just genuinely exhausted. Once again though, I was devastated when the nurse told me I was still only 1 cm dilated. I just broke down and balled my eyes out. How could this be? How can I only be 1 cm dilated and be in this much pain? They advised me to once again take the morphine. I hesitated in taking it again but my body was barely running on little sleep. I wish I could say that I went back home and got some rest but nope...that did not happen. 

So by now I am 48 hours into labor, only 1 cm dilated, and contracting like crazy. The morphine didn't work and all I did was cry that night whenever I got a contraction. I took a hot shower around three in the morning to see if that would help but unfortunately it did nothing. My poor husband tried everything to comfort me but nothing helped. He even called the hospital to let them know the morphine didn't even touch me and that I was miserable but they couldn't do anything for me. Needless to say I did not sleep that night.  My mother called early in the morning to check on me and later came by to help out my husband. So remember I said I was having back labor as well as the regular contractions? Well that day I started to get leg pains with every contraction just to add to the mix. It was excruciating and all I could do was breathe through them. That day I was barely eating. The thought of food just made me cringe but my husband tried his best to get food in my belly. I ate fruit, some oatmeal, maybe a quarter of shake he made me, and saltine crackers. I tried a hot bath, bouncing on a ball, heat packs for my back, massage, different positions, slight walking, but I just couldn't get relief. Towards the end of the day, my husband swears I was starting to talk gibberish and not making any sense. I guess at that point he got scared and told me we needed to head back to the hospital. I do remember just crying and telling him, "What's the point? They are just going to tell me I am not dilated enough." Somehow my husband convinced me get ready because we were heading back to the hospital. I cried all the way there from the pain. I couldn't believe I was now 72 hours into labor and heading back to the hospital.

I can only imagine how I looked being wheeled into labor and delivery by my husband. I had showered but my hair was a mess, I had no makeup on, and I was crying uncontrollably through the hallways of the hospital. I couldn't walk anymore because the pain was too much. Once I got to triage they saw me right away and examined me in between my horrible contractions. When the nurse told me I was was 5 cm dilated I just cried of pure relief! You would have thought I had my baby! I was just ecstatic that I was finally getting admitted and hopefully soon the pain would go away.  I was never against having an epidural for pain. I told myself if I truly needed it I would take it. Given my long labor at home I needed relief and rest before I needed to push so as soon as they asked if I wanted it, I quickly said yes!

I was told once admitted that it wouldn't be long before the baby made her appearance. Yeah...they were wrong! I was in labor for another 30 hours at the hospital. They tried everything to get her out but she was not having it. They started pitocin on me to speed up the contractions, they broke my water, they had me turn to different positions to encourage her to drop but she wasn't having none of it. Unfortunately when they broke my water they found some meconium which is something I feared since she was 5 days late at this point. I ended up getting a fever so they had to start antibiotics on me. Since my daughter was failure to progress the possibility of a C-section intensified. Oh and I had to go on oxygen since my baby was starting to get stressed out in the womb and having decels. Around 1:30 am they said it was time to start pushing. Of course the epidural had worn off at this point so I could feel everything. When the first contraction came to push, my baby's heart beat dropped drastically causing a whole sworm of people in my room. They feared that she had her umbilical chord wrapped around her neck and told me that I would have to vacuum her out or have a c-section. I said no to both those options and pursued having a vaginal delivery. My nurse was amazing! She supported my decision and even had me position myself in a way that would cause less stress on the baby. Because of the drop in her heart rate during contractions, I was only able to push every other contraction which was incredibly hard. Now that the epidural had worn off I could feel everything once again. Somewhere towards the end I remember looking at my husband and telling him, "I can do this!" I don't know where I got that burst of energy but it worked. Maybe a few pushes later and out she came! I cried when they placed her on me because she was finally here, my miracle baby. She gave me a run for my money but once she was out, she was perfect in every way. Because of my labor she had to be examined by the NICU team for a bit until she was cleared to do skin to skin with me. I can't even express how amazing that felt to have close to me. 

My labor was hard and long but I received the biggest blessing in the end. Dahlia Amerie Gomez is the apple of my eye and I couldn't be more happy to be her momma.

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  1. this is such a sweet picture of your daughter that you have posted and and your love for your daughter is showering in every word of your post may God bless your daughter and you stay blessed always.