Sunday, October 22, 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 1 Recap

Well, I can officially say I survived my first week of training for my upcoming half marathon! I was even surprised I managed to workout 5 days out of the week with a newborn. Somehow I was able to sneak in my runs during her nap times which worked out perfectly. Hopefully this continues but I'm not holding my breath. This little one has a mind of her own. Also, this past week we had a break in the weather and actually had some really cool temps...the perfect running weather! I made sure to take advantage because Mother Nature is drunk and this coming week it's expected to get into the 90s! The 90s in late October?!?! That is just unheard of but whatever. Anyways here is a quick recap on how my week went.

MONDAY: Okay so don't laugh or judge me, but I started my training by taking a rest day and drinking a beer. It wasn't my intention, but the day got busy.  When I finally put my baby down for the night, the last thing I wanted to do was hop on the treadmill. Soooo I drank a beer to celebrate the beginning of Week 1 instead. 

TUESDAY: So Tuesday was really the first real day of training. I wanted to just get a feel of how I felt running after last week. Remember I barely got cleared just last week so it's like starting from scratch. I decided to just run three miles to get an idea of where I stood. Well, I managed to finish the three miles but it wasn't pretty. It was hot. I was slow. I even kind of felt awkward running. I finished though and I just told myself that at least I am going forward. 

WEDNESDAY: I really wanted to run outside but I wasn't able to leave the house, so I hopped on the treadmill for Wednesday's workout. It was actually the first time back on since I was pregnant. It was also my first run all by myself. Up until then, all my runs postpartum had been with my baby in the stroller. It felt kind of liberating but I actually missed her. She's turned into my little running buddy. One of the accounts I follow on Instagram posted an interval workout that included an 800 meter run, burpees, and squats. Since I needed to run and also work on strengthening my legs and core, I modified her workout. I started of by running a slow 800 meter warm-up, followed by four sets of intervals that were composed of a faster 800 meter run, burpees, and squats. I then finished it with an 800 meter cool down run. Needless to say, I was drained by the end of this workout. 

THURSDAY: Sadly, even though the weather was nice, I had to also make Thursday's workout indoors on my treadmill. To make things a bit more interesting though, I used the app Aaptiv. Have you tried it before? I got a free two week membership to give it a try. Basically I chose a treadmill workout and someone coached me through it with music in the background. It was kind of cool but I still need to play with the app a bit more before I am truly sold on it. Either way I managed to do some more interval work but this time just running. My body was happy that I didn't have to do anymore burpees or squats. 

FRIDAY: The weather was perfect! It was in the 60s with some light drizzle. I took advantage and went to Lake Murray to log in some miles. I wanted to push myself by running four miles. I know it may not sound like much since I was used to running longer distances but the key word is "used" to.  Those four miles were tough. Even with the cooler temps, I still was exhausted when I finished. I was actually surprised my baby didn't fuss during the run since it's the longest she has been in the stroller. 

SATURDAY: Saturday was all about cross training. I went to a spin class hosted by the San Diego Sweat Pink Chapter. I am a member of the community so it was fun to meet up with other amazing ladies and get our sweat on early in the morning. There were goodies at the end and some lucky ladies actually walked away with some cool prizes. If you are in San Diego and want to join our community, email me and I'll get you in contact with the right people. The more the merrier. Anyways, the workout was a lot of fun. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I loved taking spin classes while I was pregnant. I really enjoined hoping back on the bike.

So what's in store for this coming week? Well I am going to aim for a five mile run, more interval work, strength training, and I'll be bringing out the foam roll. My legs aren't as sore as I thought they would be but I need to get better at stretching at the end of my workouts. That's where the foam roll will come into play. I have a very serious love/hate relationship with it, but I think most people typically do. Thanks for following me in this postpartum fitness journey. See you guys next week to recap Week 2 of my half marathon training. If you can't wait until next weekend, then come follow me and my workouts on Instagram. Have a great week everyone!

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