Sunday, October 29, 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap

Hello! I am going to make this recap short and sweet since today was a long day for me. My little one didn't take any of her naps today which made for a very fussy baby and two crabby parents. Anyways here's how my week looked:

MONDAY: Once again I started the week with a beer. No workout, no running...just some good ol' carbs to prepare for the week.

TUESDAY: San Diego got a pretty intense heat wave so I ran on the treadmill. I once again used the app Aaptiv to get a quick interval run. I modified my run since I felt the speed they recommended was a bit too slow even for me. I ran a total of 3 miles and felt much stronger afterwards.

WEDNESDAY: Once again it was another hot day in San Diego so the plan was to do another run on the treadmill. Unfortunately my daughter didn't agree with my plan and woke up way to soon from her nap. Needless to say I only ran half a mile before I had to stop. Oh well!

THURSDAY: With much cooler temps, I bolted to the bay and ran four miles with the stroller. Man it felt great to get outside again! My run wasn't the worst but it also wasn't the greatest. Four miles is still tough with a stroller but I felt better than last week so I definitely noticed an improvement. 

FRIDAY: It was was supposed to be my "long run" day (and by long run I mean just five miles) but once again my little running partner had other plans. At least she let me run 3.24 miles before she started to get pretty fussy. I realized that 3-4 miles might be her sweet spot so anything more than that I may have to run by myself. 

SATURDAY: Rest day for me. 

SUNDAY: I realized that my training week starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday (which happens to be today). Since the weather was amazing this morning, I asked my husband if he could watch the baby while I did my five mile run. Today was the first time I ran outside without the baby and stroller. It was nice to have some "me" time but I realized I missed the company. I guess that motivated me to run faster because I did WAY better than I thought I would. It made me really excited and hopeful that I may do well on this half marathon after all.

So a few things I realized this week:
  • Running with a stroller is a lot harder than I thought. I am way slower running with it. 
  • Even though running with a stroller is hard, I truly enjoy it because of the company. I love having my baby around me. 
  • I am more flexible than I thought I was. This week I had two days in which my runs had to be stopped due to the baby. In the past if I missed a run I felt guilty and tried to catch up on my miles on another day. My approach is way different this time around. If I miss them then oh well. Life goes on. 
  • Oh yeah...In my mind I could have sworn the race was on 1/21/18 but nope it is on 1/14/18! So that means I am running with one less week of training. Whoops!
This coming week I am hoping to tie in some strength work, add more speed work, make my long run six miles, and start incorporating the foam roller or stretch more. My mileage is going to slowly start increasing in the upcoming weeks so I have to get better at recovery. I'll be honest I hate the foam roller. If I could stretch a bit more post runs, I think I can avoid the foam roll all together. We shall see.  So there you have it folks. Week 2 done! Have a great week.

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