Monday, November 27, 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 6 Recap

From the get-go I knew this training cycle was going to be different. I knew that I would have weeks where life would get in the way of my training. That's exactly how this past week went. I had very good intentions of increasing my mileage and getting in some good speed workouts but I was only able to run three days. Luckily those three days were good running days. I ran a total of 18 miles on those three days and had some awesome progressive runs with negative splits. Sometimes it's about the quality of the run and not the quantity. Here is how my week went:

MONDAY: Rest Day

TUESDAY: Unplanned rest day...hey it happens with a newborn

WEDNESDAY: Four mile treadmill run. Started off at a 6.2 pace and increased every mile by .2 until finishing the last mile at 6.8. In the end my average pace per mile was 9:16.

THURSDAY: Some people run 5k Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving but I opted for a 5 mile run. Originally I wanted to do my long run on Thursday but San Diego got hit with a heat wave. I was a bit unprepared for the heat so instead I settled for a 5 mile run. The run felt great! I ended up averaging a 9:08 pace and had negative splits. Even though the run felt good, there was no way I could have completed the nine miles. By the time my run was done it was already close to 80 degrees!

FRIDAY: Yet another unplanned rest day

SATURDAY: Nine mile long run! Yep...finally got out there and managed to complete my nine mile run. I was dreading this run and was making up any excuse to not do it. Ended up finishing with negative splits yet again and with a 9:08 pace! I was in shock with my time. Guys I am finally starting to feel like my running mojo is coming back!!

SUNDAY: Rest Day (much deserved)

Even though I was able to get in my long run, I still wasn't able to hit all my goals for the week. I had a hard time motivating myself to leave the house for a run when the baby was awake and happy, or to run on the treadmill when the house was a mess. I luckily have a supportive husband that helps me with the baby but mom guilt always sets in. This coming week is going to be even harder since I go back to work on Tuesday. Sadly my maternity leave has ended and it's time to go back to work. Am I ready? Absolutely not! Have I cried over going back? Of course!! I have truly enjoyed every second with my baby and it pains me to leave her. The only bright side is that she will be in good hands, my mom and my husband. So what does that mean for my training? Well it means that training will be a lot harder. I am going to have to balance work, running, and family life. Right now my only goal for this coming week is to run a 10 mile long run. If I have time for other runs in between then go me! If not then there is always next week. Wish me luck going back to work!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 5 Recap

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Man time is just flying by. That's how week 5 felt it just flew by. Before I knew it, it was Sunday again and prepping for my upcoming week. Sadly I did not hit all my goals that I had hoped to achieve. I wasn't able to get to 25 miles but I was able to get my 8 mile long run. Unfortunately during my long run I wasn't able to get negative splits but I was able to get a decent pace overall. Here is how my week went:

MONDAY: Rest Day

TUESDAY: Three miles on the treadmill with alternating speed of 6.5 and 7.0 for an average pace of 8:55 per mile. I also was able to get in a quick strength training workout towards the end of the day. Worked on arms, shoulders, and legs.

WEDNESDAY: Four miles on the treadmill. I ran a half mile warmup on 6.5 speed and then went on to run 4x800s on 7.5 speed. After each 800 I ran a lap on 6.5 speed. By the end my final average pace per mile was 8:30. This workout kicked my butt. My legs were on fire by the end especially since they were tired from the day before.

THURSDAY: Three mile progressive run on the treadmill. First mile 6.5, second mile 6.6, and final mile 6.7 for an average pace of 9:07.

FRIDAY: Rest Day

SATURDAY: I ran 4 miles around my neighborhood. Since I live on a mountain, my run consisted of a ton of hills but also ocean views towards the end. Final average pace per mile: 9:44


SUNDAY: Long run day! Today I ran 8 miles around Mission Bay. My goal for this long run was to work on negative splits but I wasn't able to accomplish that. I still ran at a pretty good pace (9:24). I actually felt pretty good which makes me hopeful for my next long run. 

This week's goals:
  • 9 mile long run
  • More speed work
  • One strength training day
  • Increase weekly mileage: 25 miles
Other than the weekly mileage I am pretty sure I can obtain all these goals. I'm planning on doing my long run on Thanksgiving day so I don't feel guilty about eating all the food! Hope you guys have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 4 Recap

Yet another training week done! Happy to report that I made my weekly mileage goal and I was even able to get a strength training workout done. My legs are slowly starting to gain that muscle that was lost during pregnancy. Even though I met my goals for the week, it was tough because I have been running on little to no sleep. My little one is hitting a growth spurt and waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to feed. So when I say I'm exhausted, I completely mean it! I got a taste of her sleeping through the night a few weeks back but sadly that was just a tease. Anyways here are the workouts I did for the week:

MONDAY: Treadmill run while the baby napped. I managed to run 3.5 miles with 4x800. By the end of the run, my average pace was 9:04.

TUESDAY: Strength training day! Once again I used dumbbells and a resistance band for this workout. I started with jumping jacks and squat jumps to get the heart pumping. Afterwards I did three sets of multiple variations of squats, dumbbell swings (I don't have a kettle ball), lunges, pelvic floor exercises, and deadlifts.

WEDNESDAY: Even after being exhausted from lack of sleep, I still managed to get in two miles on the treadmill once the baby was asleep for the night. I increased the speed every half mile making my average pace 8:54! Boom! That felt great break a 9 minute pace.

THURSDAY: Rest day

FRIDAY: I realized that I was way behind on my mileage goal for the week so I ran 4 miles on the treadmill. It was an interval run and also happened to be the longest run on the treadmill postpartum. It was hard but I managed to get yet another less than 9 minute pace average (8:56 to be exact)! Made me feel like I was doing something right with my training.

SATURDAY: Since I was planning on making my long run on Sunday, I made my Saturday run an easy one. I ran three miles on the treadmill with an average pace of 9:29. It was more of a shakeout run in preparation for my upcoming 7 mile run on Sunday. 

SUNDAY: Let me start by saying that I was not mentally prepared for this run. My daughter decided to wake up multiple times in the middle of the night to either feed, cry, or just talk so I was exhausted. I had to really convince myself to go for this run instead of go back to bed (which is what I desperately wanted). Needless to say I did my seven miles and kind of surprised myself. Even with the lack of sleep I managed to complete the run with a 9:26 average mile.

This coming week I just have a few goals:
  • Increase weekly mileage: 25 miles
  • Work on negative splits during my long run
  • Complete 8 mile long run
  • Continue strength training
  • Continue stretching/yoga
With my little one not really sleeping at night, getting my weekly mileage might be the toughest goal to obtain. It was hard this last week.  I had to really find the strength within me to finish with my 20 miles right at the end. We'll see how this week goes! Wish me luck!

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Got Breast Milk?

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby. I wanted to provide the best nutrients so my little girl could thrive and develop. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy task because not every mother is able to breastfeed. Some never get their milk supply or others all together quit from the pain in the first few weeks. Luckily mine did come in and I powered through the painful first two weeks. From day one I tried to eat as healthy as I could in order for her to get adequate nutrition from my milk. Fast forward to baby is two months old and luckily I have been able to breastfeed her exclusively. It hasn't been easy but I've stuck with it because it's what I believe to be the best I can provide for my little girl. But is it really? Is the breast milk I am providing really helping her grow?

If you are a breastfeeding mama then you should know the importance of DHA. DHA is an essential Omega-3 fatty acid that is a critical part of a baby’s health. An optimal level of DHA is important for pregnant and nursing mothers to ensure adequate infant brain development. This includes eye development, nervous and immune system health, and most importantly cognitive development. Our bodies aren't able to produce DHA naturally so we to get it from the food we consume. Most baby formulas will display the amount of DHA making it convenient to see the exact amount given to your baby. Unfortunately in breast feeding moms you don't really have an idea unless you test for it. Here's where the company EverlyWell comes into play.

EverlyWell provides a wide variety of at home tests, one of which happens to be for DHA. They make the whole process rather easy without the hassle of going to see a doctor. They mail you a kit. You provide the sample and send it back to them. Their laboratories analyze the results and in a few weeks you get your results via email.  The whole process truly was fairly simple. The kit provides everything you need to obtain a sample in the comfort of your own home. 

It took about two weeks to get my results and here they are:

Sadly, my results came back out of range.  On the bright side, my number was just borderline which means I am still providing my daughter a good amount of DHA (but it could be better). As I stated earlier DHA is found in the food we consume so in order to boost my number I need to change my diet a bit. Food rich in DHA include fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, cod, and halibut.  Other sources of DHA include liver, fortified foods such as eggs, and microalgae. Another way to increase DHA is by taking a supplement. Most prenatal vitamins contain DHA so I am going to continue taking them while I breastfeed.

Breastfeeding mommas are you interested in finding out what your DHA level is? Just use the following link and type my promo code (DAISY10) at checkout to get a 10% discount with your at home test kit. EverlyWell also has other tests you can check out such as food sensitivities, metabolism test, and women's health and fertility test.  Go check them out!

This post was sponsored by Everlywell via the Sweat Pink community. All opinions are my own.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 3 Recap

Hello November! I can't believe we are at the home stretch of the year. I swear this year is just flying by! With a new month comes new goals. They can be any goals really but my main goal for the month is to start increasing my mileage in preparation for my half marathon coming up in January. This week was hard for me to get in some runs. My husband was out of town for a few days during the week which made it hard for me to get my workout done. The baby also hasn't been napping very long so it makes it hard to get anything done when she sleeps during the day. Here is how my week looked:

MONDAY: Strength training day! I worked on my legs literally all day. Like I said earlier the baby didn't nap well this week so I started my workout in the morning and after having to stop multiple times throughout the day I finally finished all sets and reps after the baby slept for the night. I used dumbbells and a resistant band to workout my legs. Many squats and lunges were involved.

TUESDAY: Four mile run. My legs felt a bit heavy so it was a slow four mile run with the stroller.


WEDNESDAY: Another four mile run. A bit faster than Tuesday's run since the legs felt way better. 

THURSDAY: Rest day, lots of stretching and absolutely no running. 

FRIDAY: I walked for 50 minutes around my neighborhood with the stroller. I live on a hill so this wasn't some easy walk. I purposefully chose to walk in areas were the hill grade was steep. Pushing a stroller up these hills made me work up a sweat.

SATURDAY: Six miles! The longest distance I've ran in months. I was a bit terrified about this run but honestly I did great. I actually ran this by myself since baby Dahlia gets fussy after four miles. My pace was way better than I had expected and I managed to get negative splits. 

SUNDAY: Well today I went for an hour walk with my entire family (husband, baby, and two dogs). It wasn't really a rest day since my legs were tired afterwards. 

UPCOMING WEEKLY GOALS: So this week my long run will be a 7 mile run. I'm going to focus on negative splits on my easy runs and try to get my weekly mileage up to 20 miles. This past week I really only ran 14 miles on three runs so this week I'm hoping to get in four runs with a strength training day somewhere in the middle. I'm still not running for a specific pace so there really is no pressure. I'm still just trying to get back into cardiovascular shape. Have a great week everyone! Come back next week to hear how my half marathon training went. 

Oh and if you happen to be a nursing momma, come check out the blog tomorrow. I have a special blog post for my breastfeeding moms out there.

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