Sunday, November 5, 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 3 Recap

Hello November! I can't believe we are at the home stretch of the year. I swear this year is just flying by! With a new month comes new goals. They can be any goals really but my main goal for the month is to start increasing my mileage in preparation for my half marathon coming up in January. This week was hard for me to get in some runs. My husband was out of town for a few days during the week which made it hard for me to get my workout done. The baby also hasn't been napping very long so it makes it hard to get anything done when she sleeps during the day. Here is how my week looked:

MONDAY: Strength training day! I worked on my legs literally all day. Like I said earlier the baby didn't nap well this week so I started my workout in the morning and after having to stop multiple times throughout the day I finally finished all sets and reps after the baby slept for the night. I used dumbbells and a resistant band to workout my legs. Many squats and lunges were involved.

TUESDAY: Four mile run. My legs felt a bit heavy so it was a slow four mile run with the stroller.


WEDNESDAY: Another four mile run. A bit faster than Tuesday's run since the legs felt way better. 

THURSDAY: Rest day, lots of stretching and absolutely no running. 

FRIDAY: I walked for 50 minutes around my neighborhood with the stroller. I live on a hill so this wasn't some easy walk. I purposefully chose to walk in areas were the hill grade was steep. Pushing a stroller up these hills made me work up a sweat.

SATURDAY: Six miles! The longest distance I've ran in months. I was a bit terrified about this run but honestly I did great. I actually ran this by myself since baby Dahlia gets fussy after four miles. My pace was way better than I had expected and I managed to get negative splits. 

SUNDAY: Well today I went for an hour walk with my entire family (husband, baby, and two dogs). It wasn't really a rest day since my legs were tired afterwards. 

UPCOMING WEEKLY GOALS: So this week my long run will be a 7 mile run. I'm going to focus on negative splits on my easy runs and try to get my weekly mileage up to 20 miles. This past week I really only ran 14 miles on three runs so this week I'm hoping to get in four runs with a strength training day somewhere in the middle. I'm still not running for a specific pace so there really is no pressure. I'm still just trying to get back into cardiovascular shape. Have a great week everyone! Come back next week to hear how my half marathon training went. 

Oh and if you happen to be a nursing momma, come check out the blog tomorrow. I have a special blog post for my breastfeeding moms out there.

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