Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Current Go-To-Protein Drink and Life Saver!

I swear my life is always on the go. I work nights full time and have an 8 month old so my life is pretty chaotic these days. Sure my husband helps but he also works full time so we're both stretched pretty thin these days. Since my life right now revolves around my work schedule and the baby's nap/feeding times, I have to look for snacks to eat through out the day that will keep me full and energized in between meals. Even before the baby I've always been a food grazer. In my purse or backpack you can always find some type of snack wether it's a protein bar/shake, fruits, veggies, etc. And if you know me then you know that when I get "hangry" watch out! 

The last few weeks I've been trying out fizzique, a sparkling protein water drink right here from San Diego. Let me start off by saying it's been a life saver!  fizzique is the first of its kind. It's the only SPARKLING protein drink in the market right now. Unlike other protein drinks this one is not chalky at all and is super refreshing. Just a little tip too it tastes better if served cold. There are currently two flavors to choose from: Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Limon. Personally I prefer the strawberry watermelon flavor but that's just my preference.

Here's why I love it so much. In one can it contains 20g of protein and only 80 calories. Crazy right? Well it's also keto friendly, gluten free, non GMO, contains 0 carbs, fat free and has just enough caffeine to give me that extra boost in the afternoons or in the early mornings when I'm at work. I've even drank fizzique post workouts.  Since I drink it right from the refrigerator it's nice and cold and just hits the right spot after a good sweat session. It’s the perfect grab-and-go option that helps satisfy hunger between meals. This drink is  a great (and mess free) healthy alternative to ordinary protein drinks and sugary protein bars.

Being a new working mom is hard enough so finding a good protein drink shouldn't be. Want to try them out for yourself? They sell them directly from their website or on Amazon (fizzique). If you purchase from their website you can use my code: DAISYFIZZIQUE for 10% off your first case. Let me know if you try them out!

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