Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hello 2019!

Hello! It's been quite some time, almost six months! I know this blog kinda took a back burner to my little one and for that I am sorry but it's been difficult balancing everything. I get mom guilt every time I try to do something for myself. And then I tell myself that I'll blog after the baby goes to sleep... and...well, life happens and I find other things to do. I must have like 10 blog posts that I've started in the last six months but just haven't had the chance the finish them. Rather then go back and try to remember what it was I trying to write about I just decided to start fresh. New year, new me right?

I have never been one to focus on New Year's resolutions. In fact for the last few years I've been adamant about not doing them. This year I decided to cautiously write some down. I say cautiously because part of the reason I don't like resolutions is because I don't like to fail. I don't like knowing that I couldn't live up to the promise I made. I know it sounds kind of lame but it's true. I don't like looking back and seeing that I didn't accomplish my goals. It just puts in me in a funk. I'm sure you're probably thinking well then don't fail. Hah! If only right?

Here's why this year started a bit different than the last few years and why I decided to finally face my fear of failure. At the end of last year I did a #90daychallenge with Rachel Hollis. Have you heard of her? She is the author of that ever popular book, Girl, Wash Your Face. Let me tell you, she changed my life! Her challenge was to finish the year strong, confident, and the best version of you. For 90 days I didn't drink a lick of alcohol, drank a minimum of 80oz of water, wrote 3 things I'm grateful for every day, and worked out every day (or reached 10,000 steps). It made me see things differently and instead of feeling sorry for myself I felt compelled to keep excelling in life. So I started the year in an upswing and full of hope.

Here are my goals for the new year:

  • Finish a half marathon in under 2 hours (first race of the year is next weekend)
  • Burpee challenge - 10xday (gotta start somewhere!)
  • Read a book a month (currently in a mom book club)
  • Blog at least once a month (fingers crossed on this one)
  • Get two new work certifications
  • Get better at my photography and book more photo sessions (oh yeah I picked up a new hobby!)
I went from never having resolutions/goals for the new year to actually writing down 6 things I want to get done by the end of the year. Go big or go home right? I can't really explain into words how this book changed me but I am happy that it came into my life. Here's to 2019 and all the great things I hope it has in store for me!

Did you make any new goals this year?
Have you read Girl, Wash Your Face?

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